Bank of Lithuania

OTC cash withdrawals and OTC deposits executed by clients of Lithuanian PSPs at client service offices during the quarter in all currencies. OTC cash deposits at client service offices, when funds are transferred to another client’s (not the payer’s) account, are not included – these transactions are considered as money remittances. The category encompasses OTC cash withdrawals and OTC cash deposits in all currencies.

Attention_2022 09

Due to changes in the requirements of payment statistics reporting at the beginning of 2022, preliminary data for Q1 2022 and Q2 2022 are published and will be revised in the future.

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All Lithuanian payment service providers  
OTC cash withdrawals 111,138 157,946 163,420 111,482 147,150 162,003 163,707 146,146 114,274
OTC cash deposits 121,468 186,889 166,427 122,450 182,862 194,005 194,890 120,269 158,999
Last update: 14-09-2022