Bank of Lithuania

OTC cash withdrawals and OTC deposits executed by clients of Lithuanian PSPs at client service offices during the quarter in all currencies. OTC cash deposits at client service offices, when funds are transferred to another client’s (not the payer’s) account, are not included – these transactions are considered as money remittances. The category encompasses OTC cash withdrawals and OTC cash deposits in all currencies.

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Q2/2017 Q3/2017 Q4/2017 Q1/2018 Q2/2018 Q3/2018 Q4/2018 Q1/2019 Q2/2019
All Lithuanian payment service providers  
OTC cash withdrawals 379,379 379,944 372,645 258,014 266,828 236,401 250,092 197,156 194,936
OTC cash deposits 309,901 293,908 282,158 241,309 253,012 252,104 242,996 202,299 248,877
Last update: 24-04-2017