Bank of Lithuania
  • Formulates the Bank of Lithuania's strategic and action plans, oversees their implementation
  • Prepares the Bank of Lithuania budget and oversees its control
  • Prepares the organisation’s financial statements
  • Manages IT needs and ensures cybersecurity
  • Maintains safe and healthy working conditions

Organisation ServiceTomas Kvaraciejus, Director of the Organisation Service

The key tasks of the Organisation Service include planning and preparation of the budget and control of adherence to it, as well as ensuring the implementation of measures under the Bank of Lithuania strategic directions. We are also responsible for coordinating various processes, projects and Bank of Lithuania risk management. The Organisation Service also mobilises the entire organisation to support and act on these important activities.

The Organisation Service consists of three departments – the Accounting Department, the Information Technology Department and the Services Administration Department – and the Performance Management Division.

We prepare and implement the financial accounting policy of the Bank of Lithuania, are responsible for preparing the Bank of Lithuania day balance and submitting it to the European Central Bank, draw up the annual financial statements of the Bank of Lithuania, manage the accounting for transactions initiated by Bank of Lithuania units and oversee whether they are duly recorded in financial accounting.

We design, create and improve IT systems used at the Bank of Lithuania, as well as administrate data centre hardware and software. Particular attention is devoted to cybersecurity.

The Organisation Service also accepts queries, requests and complaints from residents, organisations and enterprises and passes them on to other units according to their field of expertise. We take care of Bank of Lithuania buildings, premises and maintain safe and healthy working conditions. The canteen provides catering services for employees and guests visiting our organisation.

The Organisation Service is in charge of operational and resource planning, manages internal processes, and coordinates risk management and business continuity processes. 

Last update: 28-06-2021