Bank of Lithuania

Financial and economic knowledge helps each of us make important decisions on the management of personal finances: taking a housing loan, insuring life or property, saving for retirement, etc. Hence everyone, no matter their age, residence or activities, should be knowledgeable about economics and finances.

We seek to improve the general understanding of the public about undergoing economic processes, as well as help develop the public’s skills related to proper risk evaluation and selection of financial services and products. In addition, understanding of economics and finances contributes to the stability of the financial system as a whole, more rational consumer expectations and their behaviour.

You may find useful the information and ongoing projects announced by the Bank of Lithuania.

If you want to effectively manage your personal finances and are looking for objective and impartial information or advice, visit, the Bank of Lithuania website section on economic and financial education.

If you are interested in the economic situation in the country and projections, find out more here: latest economic indicators, economic commentary.

If you are interested in the history of money and banking or want to peak your children’s interest in the fascinating world of money, visit the Bank of Lithuania Money Museum in Vilnius; here you will not only discover a treasure trove of knowledge, but also have a great time and check up on what you know.

If you are an Economics student or researcher, learn about the activities of the Bank of Lithuania Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research (CEFER), the Visiting Researcher Programme and the Vladas Jurgutis Award.

Last update: 13-11-2020