Bank of Lithuania

Credit transfers, direct debits, cheques and other payment services received from abroad by Lithuanian PSPs clients during the quarter.

Transactions, when the payee receives a payment order together with funds to the account opened by a Lithuanian PSP from the payer’s account opened by a PSP located in another country, are considered to be credit transfers received or other payment transactions received, if this payment was initiated by the payer. Transactions, when the payer receives the payment order to the account opened by a Lithuanian PSP from the payee’s PSP located in another country and transfers funds to the payee’s account, are considered to be direct debits received or other payment services received, if this payment was initiated by the payee


Due to the changes in requirements of payment statistics reporting at the beginning of 2022 and the aim to collect and disseminate high quality data, Q1 2022 data will be published together with Q2 2022 data, see Data release calendar.

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All Lithuanian payment service providers  
Cross-border cashless payments received 16,541,271 16,211,476 17,779,622 17,021,637 20,548,584 22,433,029 25,413,772 26,960,489 31,478,222
Cross-border credit transfers received1 16,511,245 16,195,343 17,765,789 17,000,816 20,530,231 22,418,511 25,399,080 26,946,528 31,462,485
Cross-border direct debits received1 - - - - - - - - -
Cross-border cheques received1 - - - - - - - - -
Cross-border other cashless payment servises received1 30,026 16,132 13,833 20,821 18,353 14,518 14,692 13,961 15,737
Last update: 07-06-2022