Bank of Lithuania
  • Publishes relevant information on the Bank of Lithuania website and social media platforms
  • Presents the media with the latest news for public broadcast
  • Issues electronic publications on finances and economics
  • Presents the history and current state of money at the Money Museum

Aistė Almanaitė, Acting Director of the Communications Department

We are responsible for building understanding of the general public, financial market participants, the academic community and Lithuanian and foreign media of the role and functions of the national central bank – the Bank of Lithuania. One of our key communication outlets is the Bank of Lithuania website (, which provides relevant up-to-date information in both Lithuanian and English. We post the latest news on our social media platforms, present it via media outlets or by sending press releases to journalists and organising press conferences. Live coverage of the events held at the Bank is broadcast online. Bank of Lithuania experts share their insights on economic development and latest projections online, in the press, on the radio and TV; they also participate in public discussions. Through our Department-organised seminars and presentations, residents learn how to manage personal finances. We reply to enquiries received from the general public by email or phone.

The Money Museum, located in the heart of Vilnius, introduces visitors to the history of Lithuanian and world money, while also presenting the single European currency – the euro. We select unique locations across the country to hold presentations of new collector and commemorative coins issued by the Bank of Lithuania. Every few years we organise open-day events at the Bank of Lithuania, garnering great public interest, during which we speak about the activities of the central bank, hold money-related quizzes and showcase armoured vehicles for cash transportation.

Numerous Bank of Lithuania periodicals, presenting varied information for those interested in finances, are available on our website in electronic format. Since the Bank of Lithuania is part of the European System of Central Banks, we maintain close contact with experts from the European Central Bank in preparing ECB publications in Lithuanian and posting them on our website.

We have also published copious amounts of books on monetary and banking history, prominent figures in the field of finances, as well as organised exhibitions and issued complementary publications on money in paintings, photographs, artwork and caricatures.

By presenting unbiased and detailed information on banks in accordance with the Communication Policy of the Bank of Lithuania (237.1 KB ), we ensure transparency of Bank of Lithuania activities, which is one of our institution’s core values.

Last update: 11-10-2019