Bank of Lithuania
Pagrinidnis pranešimas Seeking to attract even more proactive, motivated and responsible specialists, we provide the possibility for university and college students to professionally or voluntarily intern at various structural units of the Bank of Lithuania.

Internship goals:

  • To introduce students to the activities of the national central bank
  • To help students develop their practical skills by applying theoretical knowledge they acquired at university
  • To impart to students the experience of Bank of Lithuania employees and thus help schools of higher education develop highly-qualified specialists


Application for internship

  • Only students enrolled in undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree, having completed at least two years of study) or graduate (Master’s degree) integrated study programmes may intern at the Bank of Lithuania.
  • You can apply for an internship in no more than three different fields.
  • Applicants are selected based on their motivation and the objectives they wish to achieve during the internship.
  • A trilateral internship (lasting 2–3 months) or voluntary internship (lasting 2 months) agreement will only be concluded with successful applicants.
  • During the course of the internship, you will not be employed or reimbursed.
  • If you are accepted for a professional internship, you must submit three copies of the internship agreement, signed both by you and an authorised representative of your educational institution, a copy of your ID, and a copy of your social security certificate (if available).
  • If you are accepted for a voluntary internship, you must submit a copy of your ID and a copy of your social security certificate (if available). The agreement is drafted by the Bank of Lithuania.

Procedure for internship

  • The internship is based on a programme submitted by the applicant and their educational institution, which is then agreed on with their internship supervisor at the unit where the applicant will intern.
  • The intern must fulfil all instructions from their internship supervisor relating to the work or tasks performed during the internship, which are necessary for developing practical skills. The intern must also comply with work ethics and the Bank of Lithuania Rules of Procedure.
  • The intern has the right to consult with their internship supervisor at the Bank of Lithuania regarding their performance, receive information necessary to adequately carry out given tasks, and use the provided working tools and equipment.
  • Internship hours: Monday–Thursday 8:00–17:00, Friday 8:00–15:45.


Last update: 08-04-2017