Bank of Lithuania

To best face the challenges arising to Lithuania’s economic development, considerable attention is devoted to human resources – qualified and competent employees. We are constantly on the lookout for talents, offering a wide range of career opportunities for university graduates, experienced specialists, and scholars, as well as internships to students.

Why work at the Bank of Lithuania?

Why work at the Bank of Lithuania?

Conditions for growth and improvement

Specialists working at the Bank of Lithuania can delve deeper into relevant issues within their field, constantly expand their professional knowledge and skills, as well as cooperate with their counterparts and learn from them during business trips abroad.

Why work at the Bank of Lithuania?

Encouragement of leadership

The Bank of Lithuania devotes considerable attention to the development of its staff both on professional and managerial levels. Leadership is primarily encouraged through self-improvement plans and a long-term programme for development of managerial skills.

Why work at the Bank of Lithuania?

Opportunities to expand knowledge and expertise

If you wish to challenge yourself in different fields, the Bank of Lithuania offers the possibility to participate in rotation programmes within the bank.

Why work at the Bank of Lithuania?

Environment based on values

The Bank of Lithuania goes to great lengths to provide a friendly, helpful and creative working environment, where mutual respect, attention to individual ideas, high standards of professional ethics and an unbiased approach prevail.

5 tips for participating in the selection

  1. Carefully consider whether you are wish to work at this particular institution and/or in the available position.
  2. Look into the activities of the Bank of Lithuania and the field you are applying to.
  3. Tailor your CV to the exact position you are applying to.
  4. In your cover letter, lay down all the major arguments why you could be the most suitable applicant.
  5. If you are selected and asked to take the job, before accepting the proposal, voice and discuss all relevant concerns.

Description of the Procedure for Recruitment to the Bank of Lithuania (140.2 KB download icon)


Payroll statistics

Payroll statistics

Praise and incentives

In recent years, the employees of the Bank of Lithuania have not received any awards.


Last update: 18-04-2017