Bank of Lithuania

Client service offices of Lithuanian PSPs in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania (branches, subsidiaries, including places where payment services are provided through payment devices served by the employees of the PSPs or their intermediaries). Mobile client service offices are not included.

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Measurement units: VIENETAI (units)

Q2/2017 Q3/2017 Q4/2017 Q1/2018 Q2/2018 Q3/2018 Q4/2018 Q1/2019 Q2/2019
Number of client service offices of credit institutions 496 516 485 486 480 478 484 470 463
Number of client service offices of payment and electronic money institutions1 3,929 3,894 4,121 4,158 4,217 4,205 4,137 3,938 3,958
Last update: 24-04-2017