Bank of Lithuania

At the beginning of 2024, the Bank of Lithuania established the Centre for Digital Excellence with the aim of enhancing digital maturity, operational efficiency and promoting innovation.

The Centre for Digital Excellence aims to ensure that smart digital solutions are applied in efficient processes and that the bank continues the tradition of an innovative central bank.

Head of the Centre for Digital Excellence: Gintarė Žilinskienė.

Goal: foster cooperation and openness to innovation and to implement the digital transformation by creating the highest value for the bank’s stakeholders. Our aim is to become a one-stop shop for issues related to innovation and digitalisation at the Bank of Lithuania.


  • Digitise the processes and services of the Bank of Lithuania
  • Increase the efficiency of the Bank of Lithuania’s processes
  • Promote innovation in the activities of the Bank of Lithuania and testing of innovative solutions in the financial market
  • Represent the interests of the Bank of Lithuania in groups and events related to innovation and digitalisation
Last update: 22-05-2024