Bank of Lithuania

Vilnius cash office

Cash offices Žirmūnų g. 151, LT-09128 Vilnius    

Working hours:    I  8:30–18:00    IIIV  8:30–15:30   V  8:30–14:30  No lunch break. On the eve of holidays, working hours are one hour shorter.

Kaunas cash office

Cash offices Maironio g. 25, LT-44250 Kaunas                                       

Working hours:    IIII  8:30–15:30    IV  8:30–18:00   V  8:30–14:30  No lunch break. On the eve of holidays, working hours are one hour shorter.

Cash offices Toll-free information line +370 800 50 500                                                

Payment cards are accepted Cash offices

At the Bank of Lithuania cash offices:

  • Purchase numismatic items
  • Exchange litas into euro
  • Exchange worn or damaged euro
  • Submit euro and litas for expert evaluation
  • Count litas coins with coin counting machines
  • Exchange euro banknotes and coins into circulation and commemorative euro coins with the Lithuanian national side which have not been issued into circulation – no more than 50 pcs per day per person
  • Exchange euro banknotes into larger or smaller denominations
  • Exchange 500–1,000 euro coins per day per person – as many as can fit into a special 1 litre container or the amount of coins to be exchanged for one person per day will not be limited and transferred to the account indicated by the customer within 15 business days. Natural and legal persons wishing to exchange coins have to submit a written request, which can be filled out upon arrival at the cash office or in advance (the request form can be found here (37.8 KB download icon)). Such procedures will remain in effect at least until 28 February 2022.

According to the conditions of the national emergency declared by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, from 13 September 2021, customers may collect the acquired numismatic valuables at the cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania only by presenting a valid national certificate (COVID-19 passport) or equivalent document.

If you wish to receive any of the above-mentioned services at a Bank of Lithuania cash office, please have a personal identification document with you

Last update: 11-09-2021