Bank of Lithuania

Credit or debit entries to the client accounts executed by Lithuanian PSPs during the quarter, when the payment service is not provided. For example, interest on a deposit, dividends paid, loans granted by a credit institution to a client are treated as credits of account, while debits from the account by simple book entry include commission fee debited, tranche of a loan to be repaid, interest on a loan granted, etc.

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All Lithuanian payment service providers  
Credits to the accounts 4,174,883 4,204,473 3,854,562 2,831,596 2,756,024 1,511,042 1,867,509 2,227,283 3,941,150
Debits to the accounts 1,902,010 1,553,885 1,291,457 1,119,592 2,397,380 1,331,138 1,813,040 2,050,932 3,264,832
Last update: 24-04-2017