The Wallstreet M&A Group

W R Bainbridge

W.M. Advisors.

WAA Fortune International Investment and Management Co. Ltd

Wade and Wiley Consultancy

Wagner Berne

Wagner Capital Management Group

Wahrburg Moss

Waight and Caffie Company Ltd

Wainwright Research (Zurich)

Wainwright Wealth Management / Wainwright Finance / Wainwright Corporate

Waytung Global

Wakamy Libman and Associates

Wakefield & Stern Corporation

Wakefield Lieberman

Wakefield Securities Limited

Wakeford & Goodridge

Walden & Associates

Waldon McLean Associates

Walker Bryan Securities

Walker Finance Company

Walker Financial Management

Wall Street Consulting International Corp / Wall Street Consulting

Wall Street Direct

Wall Street Management Corp

Wall Street Organisation

Wall Street Systems Holdings Incorporation

Wallace Jacob Consultants Corporate Services

Wallis Partridge LLC

Wallstreet Financial

Wallstreet Management Incorporated

Walsh, Atkins & Associates

Walten Pichler

Walter Harris & Company

Walter Parker Group

Walters Capital Group

Walton Johnson & Co

Walton Johnson & Co Corporate Services

Walton Mergers & Acquisitions

Wang Lee Mergers & Acquisitions

Wansheng International Investment Group Co Ltd

Wao Motor Corporation

Warner Abbott Capital Management

Warner Beck Inc Ltd

Warner Beck Incorporated

Warner Beck Pte Ltd

Warren & Massey Asset Management Ltd.,Inc

Warren Fisher & Associates

Warren Global Group

Warren Group

Warren Hill, LLC

Warren Sitco & Company

Warrick Management Group Ltd

Warthon Rubin

Washington Roberts

Washington, D.C. Securities Division

Waterman Wealth Management

Watson Sandy Holding Co.

Wattenberg Capital Ltd

Wattford Capital Partners

Watts Corporate Services LLC

Wave Star Trading Company Ltd/ Wavestar Trading Company Ltd/ Wavestar Mystery Forex

Waverly M & A

WB Global Strategic Asset Management

WB-Invest GmbH


WBwso Ltd

WCB Financial Group


Wealth Builder FX Group Limited

Wealth Capital Corp

Wealth Planning Solutions Europe (klon)


Weatherstone Capital Ltd.

Weinberg Equity Management

Weinstein Acquisitions and Offshore Equities Regulation Department

Weisberg & Cohen, LLC

Weiss Rifkin & Partners

Weissman Commodities

Weissmuller and Sons

Weizman Associates

Weizmann & Young

Welbeck Associates (Clone of FSA Registered firm)

Welborn Capital LLC

Wellesley International Group

Welling & Company, LLC

Wellington Capital Markets

Wellington Management

Wellington Management GmbH (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)

Wellington Management Portfolios

Wellington Mergers & Acquisitions

Wellington Philips Asset Management Group

Wellington-Duke & Associates

Wells Capital Management

Wells Fargo Advisors

Wells Fargo Securities International Limited / Suncor

Wells Financial Holdings Ltd

Wells Goldman

Welsham, Welsham & Fulham

Wentworth & Wellesley Ltd.

Wentworth and Gerrard International Capital

Wentworth Worldwide Ltd

WeRe Bank

Werner Group International

Werte Consulting AG

Wesley Wealth Management

West Capital Partners Inc

West Coast Stock Transfer Inc.

West Finance Limited

West Financial / West Financial Advisory House

West Golden Capital

West Mill Associates

West Ridge Limited

Westberg Equity Research Corp (WERC)/Westburg Equity

Westborough LLC

Westbrook Acquisition Authority

Westcomb Capital Management

Westcore Capital Limited

Western Capital Inc

Western Capital Trading

Western Equities Corporation

Western Global Capital Management

Western Pacific Advisors, Inc. (WESTPAC, Inc.)

Western Royal

Western Transfers Company

Westernfield Holdings

Westgate & Greene Associates

Westgate Capital Management

Westhill Partners Inc. (USA)

Westhorpe Capital

Westin International Inc

Westline M&A

Westminister Express Bank

Westminister Express Bank (IM) Ltd

Westminster Advisory

Westminster Equities

Westminster Finance London

Westminster Financial Services

Westminster Market Research & Management

Westminster Sureties, A.G.

Weston and Scott Consultants

Weston Chase

Westton Worldwide M&A Inc

Westward Group

WFB-Financial Consulting World Ltd / Financial Consulding World Ltd. / EU Financial Consulding World Ltd.

Whalberg and Kaplan Agency Inc.

Wheeler Asset Group

Wheeler Asset Group

Wheeler Asset Management

Wheeler Asset Management

Wheeler Consultancy Ltd

WhirlWind Energy

Whistler Managers Limited

Whitaker Corporate Partners

White Horse Corporation

White Market, S.L.

White Plains International Securities

Whitegate Partners

Whitehall Capital Group

White-Miller Associates

Whitestone Financial Planning / WS Financial Planning

Whitestone Financial Planning AG

Whitfield International Consulting Group

Whitman Lloyds & Associates Mergers & Acquisitions

Whitman Pearce & Partners

Whitmore Wealth Management

Whitney Cooper Associates

Whittman Simmons, Inc.

Whittman Wright & Associates, Canada

Who is Who

Wide Berth International Inc.

WIDMER Options

Wiess and Associates Ltd

Wiin International Group Ltd

Wilkin And Associates Inc

Wilkin Associates

Wilkins Capital Group

Wilkins Fairbrother

Wilkinson Bennings Securities

William & Brown Management Group

William Blair Capital Partners

William Blake

William Campbell Company

William Smith and Company

William Smith Partners

Williams Consultancy Ltd

Williams Corporation Limited

Williams Corporation Ltd / (MPT Max / My Private Trade / www.mptmax.com)

Williams Corporation Ltd. (“My Private Trade”)

Williams Group, Financial Services

Williams Mckenna Associates

Williams Royale Associates

Williams, Jensen & Jefferies Inc.

Williamson Advisors Ltd

Willkinson Capital Group

Willow and Black

Wilshire Park

Wilson General Group Ltd

Wilsone & Duffus (UK) Ltd

Wilsthire Capital

Wilton & Smythe Associates

Wilton Investment Group

Wiltshire Asset Management

Wiltshire Capital

Win Energie Invest GmbH

Win Holding AG

Win Win International Investments Limited

Winbase Equities

Winchester Consultancy Group

Windcrest Management Solution, Ltd.

Windgate Security Management

Windlow Group

WindRiver Capital

Windsor (International) Limited

Windsor Brokers

Windsor Exchange

Windsor Finance Group

Wine Street Investment Management (Ireland)

Wineburg Corporate Insurance

Winford Management Group

Winslow Trade

Winston & Churchill Private Equity

Winston, Jarrod & Jones

Winter Capital International LLC

Winterthur Fund Management

Winthorpe Morgan Group

Winton (klon)

Wiranda Development

Wire Prepay

Wittaker Stanley Inc (WSI)

Witter Financial Group

Witter Walwyn Overseas Ltd

Wizzell Bank

Wyatt M & A Advisory

WM Bormla, WM Bormla Limited, WM Bormla Bank Limited och WM Bormla PLC, verksamma på www.wmbormla.eu/secure/

Wolf Investment Solutions

Wolfgang Investment Group

Wolfgang Investment Group

Woodbridge Escrow and Clearing

Woods & Sheldon

Woods and Sheldon

Woodson, Ross & Associates

Woodward Gordon Capital International

World Asian Trading Limited

World Blue (Cyprus) Limited

World Capital Consultants

World Capital Group

World Capital Securities

World Capital Solutions

World Derivatives Traders Ltd

World Energy Holdings & Research PLC

World Energy International Inc.

World Financial Bank Limited

World Financial Institutions

World Management International

World Point International Investments Limited

World Systems Market LLC

World Trade Consortium

World Trade Financial Group

World Trade Institute

World Wide Financial

World Wide Wealth Management

WorldBridge Securities

WorldClearing Holding Inc. (PayPay)

Worldex Holdings International

Worldwide Bio Refineries

Worldwide Finance Marketing Services

Worldwide Forstock Ltd

Worldwide Investors Management Inc. (WIMI)

Worldwide Investors Portfolio

Worldwide Limited

Worldwide Risk Consultants

Worth Ltd. – Venetfx / http://venetfx.com

Worth UK Limited - Venetfx


WWI Group Corp

































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