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The collectors coin issued by the Bank of Lithuania reminds us of heroic fights for freedom

January 22, 2013

The Bank of Lithuania  issued a 50 litas collectors (commemorative) silver coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the 1863–1864 Uprising. This new coin was presented at the Museum of the 1863 Uprising in Kėdainiai region, Paberžė village.

“In the issuance of collectors coins, it is not the first time that we draw attention to landmark events in the history of Lithuania. It is symbolic that this coin, dedicated to the 1863–1864 Uprising, is brought to life in Paberžė—the location, where the first squads of Lithuanian insurgents marched to battle against the Tsarist Empire. The coin was issued on the day when, 150 years ago, the insurgents in Poland launched a manifesto for the Commonwealth of Two Nations to be restored. Therefore, January 22 is considered the date of the uprising with which it was attempted to re-establish an independent state,” says Audrius Misevičius, a member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, Chairman of the Currency Creation Commission.

The obverse of the coin elegantly features the trishield coat of arms of the Uprising, the reverse—stylized weapons based on those that were used by the insurgents: straightened scythes and a sword. On the edge of the coin there is the inscription “Laivė, lygybė, nepriklausomybė” (Freedom, Equality, Independence)”—the same symbol was in the coat of arms of the Uprising’s central leadership. The designers of the coin are Vidmantas Valentas and Giedrius Paulauskis.

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The 1863–1864 Uprising was also marked by the central bank of Poland, which issued two coins—a silver 10 zloty coin and a 2 zloty coin from an alloy of the so-called ”Nordic gold” (copper, nickel, zinc and tin)—early in this year.

The leaflet, issued together with the Bank of Lithuania’s coin, describes the progress, participants, and major events of the Uprising. The text in the leaflet was written by the famous historian, researcher of the 1863–1864 Uprising, Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Institute of History Dr Darius Staliūnas.

The coins were minted at UAB Lietuvos monetų kalykla (Lithuanian Mint). Mintage—3,000 pieces.

The coins can be obtained at the cash offices of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius (Totorių g. 2 and Žirmūnų g. 151) and in Kaunas (Maironio g. 25).

The price of the coin (inclusive of VAT) in a display box is LTL 175; LTL 160 without a display box.

Collectors coins commemorate landmark events in the history of our state and of the world, prominent people and architectural monuments. Since 1993, the Bank of Lithuania has already issued 77 collectors coins by subject and image.