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Mindaugas Leika heads the Economics Department of the Bank of Lithuania

July 1, 2011

From 1 July of this year, Mr Mindaugas Leika is appointed the Director of the Economics Department. Mindaugas Leika has recently headed the Financial Stability Division of that department.

Mindaugas Leika started to work in the Bank of Lithuania in December 2004 in a position of an economist in the Monitory Policy Instruments Division in the Monetary Policy Department which was later reorganised into the Economics Department. In May 2005, he was appointed the Director of the Financial Stability Division.

Mindaugas Leika was born in 1979, Vilnius. In 2004, graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Vilnius University and was granted Master’s degree in economics. In the same year, graduated from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University, and obtained the Master’s degree in political sciences. Mindaugas Leika was on secondment in the University of California, Berkeley. Since 2007, he is teaching at the ISM University of Management and Economics. Since 2009, an expert of the IMF Monetary and Capital Markets Department.

The Economics Department is comprised of the Financial Stability Division, Macroeconomics and Forecasting Division and Economic Research Division. The mission of the Department is to carry out the economic analysis and research, provide forecasts and perform other functions in order to ensure the validity of the Bank of Lithuania decisions on the issues of the monetary and exchange rate policies, and financial system stability as well as a competent participation of the Bank of Lithuania in the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) when solving these issues.