Lithuanian Coins



Foreword (pdf 31,2 KB)
Arunas Dulkys
The road of the Lithuanian coin:
Coin issuing traditions; secrets of coin protection; creating the design; the art of minting; public response  (pdf 2,3 MB) 
Stanislovas Sajauskas
Lithuanian numismatics: From Mindaugas’ Kingdom to the Republic of Lithuania:
The origin of coins; the earliest Lithuanian money – silver bars  (pdf 681 KB)
Early coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (pdf 1,07 MB)
The Jagiellonians as reformers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s coin system (pdf 1,18 MB)
Currency reform of Stephen Bathory, Lithuanian coins of the Vasa dynasty, Coins of John Casimir (pdf 1,41 MB)
The last coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; production technology of Lithuanian coins; coins of the Republic of Lithuania (1918—1940); tradition of striking commemorative coins (pdf 1,55 MB)

Juozas Galkus
Modern coins:
Circulation coins (pdf 1,76 MB)
Collectors coins; memorable events (pdf 3,68 MB)
Eminent personalities (pdf 1,69 MB)
Down the path of history (pdf 2,13 MB)
Cultural heritage (pdf 3,47 MB)
World of sport (pdf 629 KB)
Satiric and souvenir coins (pdf 466 KB)
Abbreviations (pdf 38,5 KB)

Vilnius: Lietuvos bankas. Printed by "Baltijos kopija", 2006, 276 p., Edition: 1,200 copies, ISBN 9986-651-45-X
Text by A.Dulkys, S.Sajauskas, J.Galkus, Editorial board A.Dulkys, A.Gruodytė, V.Laurinavičius, V.Ružas, Designed by B.Leonavicius, The author of the coin photographs printed in the publication is Rolandas Ginaitis, Consultant A.Dulkys, Edited by R.Maciene, Translated by A.Barauskaite, A.Gaizauskas, D.Satienė, Translation edited by A.Gaizauskas.

The first section of the book “The road of the Lithuanian coin” introduces the creation of modern coins, peculiarities of the preparation of tools, and the technological minting process. The section “Lithuanian numismatics: From Mindaugas’ Kingdom to the Republic of Lithuania” presents the oldest Lithuanian money, such as silver bars, coins of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the litas of the pre-war Republic of Lithuania. The section “Modern coins” gives an overview of the history of the design of circulation coins in reborn Lithuania and their plastic features. Significant attention is focused on collectors coins issued to mark famous events and personalities, the composition and artistic peculiarities of the coins.

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