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Cyber attacks were used to interrupt the provision of the Bank of Lithuania’s online services

January 27, 2012

Today, around 1 a.m. a cyber attack was launched against the information systems of the Bank of Lithuania in order to interrupt the functioning of its website and other services provided online. Information technology specialists of the Bank of Lithuania countered the attack successfully and restored the access to the Bank of Lithuania services from the servers operating in Lithuania.

The website and the databases available in it continue to be freely accessible by domestic users. There are still difficulties in reaching the Bank of Lithuania website from the servers operating outside of Lithuania. Intensive work is carried out with network providers to restore the access to the website.

Attempts to attack the Bank of Lithuania’s internet systems are made from Russia, the Ukraine, Switzerland, China, USA, Canada and other states.

The attack did not have any influence on the interbank payment systems operated by the Bank of Lithuania, the loan risk database, the bank’s internal information system, the connection to other European central banks.

The cyber attack launched against the bank is attributable to DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service ) type of attacks. The essence of these attacks – to use a huge number of data, via the computer network, to overload the information systems and communication channels of the organisation under attack and thus disturb the use of its services by genuine users.

As the attacks continue, malfunctions when trying to connect to the Bank of Lithuania website may also happen in the nearest days.

The Republic of Lithuania’s national unit for communication networks and information security incident handling was informed about the attacks.