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September 26, 2012

On 25 September 2012 the Bank of Lithuania approved the AB SEB Bank‘s Base Prospectus for issuing of non-equities.

In accordance with the Base Prospectus, AB SEB Bank has a right to issue into public securities circulation for the period of 12 months one or several unsubordinated, unsecured and unconvertible issues of non-equities with the maturity of less than 1 year as well as of 1 to 10 years and include them into the trade of regulated markets.

In accordance with the Base Prospectus, AB SEB Bank has a right to issue the following non-equities:

coupon bonds;

zero-coupon bonds;

financial instrument-linked notes;

investment notes;

structural notes;

other combinations of the above non-equities.

The maximum total nominal value of non-equities to be issued in accordance with the Base Prospectus shall not exceed LTL 1 500 000 000.

Information on a particular issue (parameters of securities being issued, their terms, interest rates or other benefit to be received, etc.) will be provided separately in the Final Terms document prior to the beginning of its distribution.

Investors can find information on the issue documents and other reference-linked documents on the internet website of AB SEB Bank :, the Financial Markets Department of AB SEB Bank (Gedimino Av.12, Vilnius) and other structural units of AB SEB Bank (at the addresses indicated in the Final Terms document).   

The Base Prospectus and the approval certificate.pdf (in Lithuanian)