1 litas coin, dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the Baltic Way


The obverse of the coin presents the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Lithuania, inscriptions LIETUVA, 1 LITAS, the issue date 1999.
On the right side is the trademark of the Mint of Lithuania.


On the reverse are the inscriptions BALTIJOS KELIUI - 10 (10 YEARS FOR THE BALTIC WAY), LIETUVA LATVIJA ESTIJA and the motive of the stylized hand.

Specifications: diameter - 22.30 mm, thickness - 2.20 mm, weight - 6.25 g.
Material: white colour alloy of copper and nickel.
The edge of the coin is rimmed at intervals.

The designer of the coin is sculptor Antanas Zukauskas.
Mintage 1 mill. pcs.
The coin was minted at the state enterprise Lithuanian Mint.
Issued in 1999.