10 litas (issued 2001)


On the right side of the banknote are portraits of the pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas, Lithuanian national heroes. At the top is the inscription LIETUVOS BANKAS (BANK OF LITHUANIA), and at the bottom of the banknote DEŠIMT LITŲ (TEN LITAS). At the left runs the inscription LIETUVOS BANKO VALDYBOS PIRMININKAS (CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF THE BANK OF LITHUANIA) alongside his signature and the year of issue, 2001. The front of the banknote contains orange, green, violet and blue colours.


Back. The drawing on the back represents the plane "LITUANICA" above the Atlantic Ocean, outlines of the American and European continents and the waves of the ocean. At the bottom of the banknote is the inscription DEŠIMT LITŲ (TEN LITAS). The back of the banknote contains light brown, violet and blue colours.

Size of the note: 135mmx65 mm. The designer of the banknote is Giedrius Jonaitis.